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Bitcoin Needs The Success Of Altcoins And Vice Versa

In the cryptocurrency world, there are certain factions that don’t seem to like each other. Bitcoin maximalists, ETH maximalists, and others are often at odds against each other. Ironically, they often criticize the other side without looking at the fact that they are also extremely biased against other coins. But here’s the hard cold truth….

The Future Of NEO Is Exciting, Can They Do It?

NEO. The Chinese Ethereum. It used to be one of the biggest hypes in the altcoin space back in 2017. They even went to the top 7 rankings at one point before they fell slowly from the crypto market cap rankings. It’s been a while since they made it to crypto headlines, but now their…

Beyond DeFi – Top Altcoin Niches That Might Become Mainstream

DeFi or decentralized finance has successfully stolen all the attention in the crypto space. Within a short period of time, everybody started getting busy with what they call “yield farming,” where you can stake/lock your crypto assets and get rewarded with DeFi tokens. These DeFi tokens then can be sold to stake or lock more…