Register an account

Start by register for an account, you will need to submit your basic customer details as well as undergo an identity verification depending on your purchase amount and your risk-level.


Pick your crypto

After successfully signing up to an account with Coinlager you can now start buying your desired crypto. Select among our vast variety and for what amount you would like to purchase.


Send to your wallet address

Being a non-custodial exchange we do not offer wallet services. Therefor you need to submit a wallet address that can accept the crypto that you are purchasing.


Frequently asked question:

How long time does it take for my crypto to arrive to my wallet?

You can usually see the crypto within a couple of minutes but in some rare cases for certain crypto it may take up to a couple of hours since it needs to be confirmed on the blockchain.

Where can I find myself a wallet address?

There are many wallet providers in the space, a simple search on a search engine will give you multiple options. We usually recommend; Guarda Wallet, Atomic Wallet or Ledger Wallet.

What price do you charge?

Our prices are always visible for you as a customer during the checkout process, our fees are “service fee” which is a fixed percentage of the purchased amount.

My account is “restricted” what does it mean?

Sometimes our system flags certain purchases due to AML compliance and we may require additional information to be collected from your end.

Still not convinced? – Check out our Frequently Asked Questions