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Already have a jones mountain twin 158w, yes 420 powder hull, and a yes optimistic 157. The Jones Flagship 2020 had a nice overhaul that gives it a different nose/tail with a lot more taper in the tail (1mm vs. 12.5mm) and somewhat mellowed out flex that gives it much better uneven terrain performance than it had before. The Jones Flagship Snowboard is a versatile, all-mountain board, for a rider that wants power and control while mobbing through pow. Probably the PYL. What do you think? Flagship 58 is going to be tight with the size 11’s, I’d go for something that’s going to fit that boot size. Size 12 boot. Can guys get away with riding woman’s boards if their feet fit or does the extra weight kill that notion. 1. . Will the Union Atlas be responsive enough for this board or should I buy different bindings? Thanks. Days: 5+ Powder: The Jones Flagship has an effortless float in powder and the steeper it is the better it performs. For instance, lets say you are on a rough trail that has inconsistent snow, if you put the Flagship on edge it will slice through the crud and keep you moving quickly. I liked the way the Stratos turned and carved better and if it didn’t chatter soo much I would like it better. One note, this board is pretty stiff and will not be easy to ride if you are a "lazy" rider. Thanks. We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective. Boots: Adidas Tactical ADV, Burton SLX, Burton Almighty, Burton Ion It’s just unsinkable. Angry! They’re just changing all the carbon names to ultra. hi angry.jones flagship 158 or 161 for my specs.your oppinion pls. I’m currently torn between this years flagship and a yes pyl. That combined with the bigger nose, ton’s of taper in the tail compared to last year (12mm vs. 1mm) and early rise in the nose make for a great floater. I ride 50+ days and need to replace my freeride board (’17 burton flight attendant 156 – its tracked out and is now my rock board) – i’m 150 lbs, size 8 boot. It was to the point that we were going to remove this from the favorites list. So overall the changes to the Jones Flagship keep a lot of things that we loved about the older model but add more taper and better uneven snow performance. Look at something like the Ride Berzerker or Ride Commissioner instead. This review will assess the Jones Women’s Flagship as a women’s freeride board. Find a shop here. Also, looking at the Now Pilot bindings in Large vs Medium. Thanks Angry, I want to keep both. 11.5 US boot. You can of course go bigger or smaller but these work best for not turning the board slower than it should be and not having the dreaded Toe & Heel Drag. It delivers unmatched edge grip on hardpack, epic float in powder, and can carve and stomp straight lines with insane precision. I dont have the ability to test anytrhing outside of resort…. The ride, feeling and style are very similar. What’s a 9/10? Now it’s pretty much on par with most other freeride boards. Join Commonry. If the Flagship is too soft what about the Carbon version? The uneven terrain performance has really changed over the years. Wouldn’t the ride C-8 be enough for the flagship as its an flex 8 itself? I’m looking for a board to bomb groomers, ride powder (when we get it) and like to ride trees too. in Big mountain , snowboarding , travelling . Normally a little weight reduction doesn’t matter but when the board was soo heavy a weight reduction does matter. Set Up:  Set back a bit 15 to 18 front -3  to -6 back approximately 22.5″ to 23″ wide. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Enter the Jones Flagship. I ride fairly aggressively and like stiffer boards that ride fast. Get the Explorer or Ultra Mountain Twin if you want to ride switch more. Ride aggressive and search for pow in trees. Thought I’d try some new bindings before the knees blowout. Pretty quick edge to edge but the acceleration slows down after you imitate a turn. 200lb 46 year old. As a result the construction quality of the 2013 -2015 is better and the base seems to be faster for 2014 and 2015. It’s time for a new board one of the things that frustrated me with my board was that at aroynd 55 mph my board got super uncomfortable so I’m looking for something quicker and also something that floats better in the powder (because I see it’s so rarely I kind of suck at it). Thanks for the reviews right to the point no bullshit. It is an aggressive ride but the camber going a little past the bindings seems to make it a much more forgiving ride. Got the chance to take a 160w 2020 Yes PYL or Flagship 162w. Not sure about going wide or length. Speed: We went down this run that is soo steep the Cat has to winch into a tow cable to groom it. Save the cash get the Drives and go shred. 21 front -6 back and several other stance angles. The 2015 feels a little stiffer but maybe the same weight or even a bit lighter. You can get out of a flat section much easier than most of this boards peers. Switch: The Jones Flagship is not bad switch for a board of this shape with a little taper. Lots of sizing options Stratos is stiffer than the Flagship, I’d say you sound more like a Flagship type of guy. Close to Reference and Set all the way back. However it’s more fun to just go as fast as you can go instead of lean out and carve. Do you prefer that I would have asked this on the YouTube channel… for user metrics? Boots: Adidas Tactical ADV Home » Snowboard Reviews » Jones Flagship 2011-2021 Snowboard Review. Regards Rob, Hey great job, cant stop reading your articles! Maybe our only critique of the new design would be more camber towards the tail so we could get a little more powerful carves that is on par with many of the directional camber rides out there with camber from the tail to the front binding. The Aviator gives you a false sense of camber where the Flagship better sets the camber expectation level on a carve. As per tradition here at I will give the Flagship a score out of 100 (based on several factors) and see how it compares with other freeride snowboards.Overall RatingBoard: Jones Flagship Price: $649 (USD recommended […] Peter prefers the 164 cuz he likes to bomb. Thank you. Giving a … Same with the 2015. Not sure about going wide or length. 22” Wide. Size:  158 and 161 It can weave around or over bumps pretty well. The set back on side cut is -20mm but on the board its more like -75mm. thanks for all the fantastically honest reviews. The 2012 seems a bit lighter but it’s still heavy. Boots: Burton Almighty, Adidas Tactical ADV, Burton SLX, You’ll have too much overlap of what you have. Turn Ons/Swipe Right: Really forgiving for such a stiff aggressive ride. Also the mind expander does fit size 12s… would that be better? Edge Hold: Same great mellow mag edge hold that doesn’t shine on ice but handles soft snow to hard snow very well. Jones Snowboards first began distributing snowboards worldwide in 2012 and now have a product line that includes several models in both men's and women's snowboards, as well as a recently introduced line of Jones backpacks. Lively and agile would be good but if it washes out when I lay it over or can’t handle a brisk pace I won’t be happy. On deep hard carves you’ll feel the board grip but from time to time on the heel it will seem to slip out. Make the trip. It really likes a narrow long S-Turn and speedy down the line kind of turns. The Frontier would be better but those who are on their way to see a lot of deep powder might like this better. Im fairly good too, 30 years at it with 10 years smashning Breck and Park city in the pow/trees, and hope to return to that when my kids can come. I’ve carved some pipe walls with the Jones Flagship and it’s been very doable. The Jones Flagship is really fast and for 2021 this and the Hovercraft are the dampest boards for riding in all conditions. It no longer feels like an early 2000’s freeride board. Men’s Bindings; Men’s Favorite Bindings; Women’s Bindings; Women’s Favorite Bindings; About The Good Ride Snowboard Binding Reviews; Boots . I’m looking for something that can handle speed without flapping or chatter and isn’t afraid to bust through afternoon chop after the pow is tracked out. Now you can get -4.625” back from center of board when set all the way way back with a 23.6” stance width. Then they have the mid/wide to wide sizes that work with most 11 and up boots. Do you self identify as a woman? The 2012 and below base is pretty fast and the board is chatter free. This is the freeride board you need for the winter. Backwoods could work but puts you back on sacrificing steeps for trees again. I was right in between the 164 and 161. The new Flagship sits right in the spectrum of most of those boards. Its unique glide-friendly design maximizes deep snow buoyancy while creating fluid edge-to-edge transitions. It has a flex pattern that absorbs chatter in the nose but drives off the tail and pushes through crud. Sizing: There is a wide variety of sizing with the 2020 Jones Flagship. Days: 10+ Insoles: Sandsole Custom Insoles, F.I.T. Reading some reviews it sounds absolutely perfect. I think a Gnu Mullair or Ride MTN Pig might be more what you want. What size would you rec for flagship…160lbs. Any experience with the supermodel. It was renamed for the 2015 model and has kept the name for the 2016 model. Quiver of one, variable terrain, probably no deep pow. It was also heavy and unforgiving. The Flagship would be the logical progression coming off a Explorer. The Jones Flagship isn’t as much as a carvy snowboard as it is a straighline everything you see kind of board. It’s a great board for those that know they are going to ride on all but the shittiest days out there. It also drives well off the front foot or centered on the board as well as the back foot without being that washy. Description: Jones Flagship Snowboard The Flagship excels in technical terrain and is one the most confidence inspiring free ride boards on the planet. In groomed snow, jumps and in the park I actually enjoyed it. Powder:  Still a champ in powder and the spoon tech is a little more subtle than they say but it does help improve the float. Add the 12.5mm of taper and the early rise in the nose you have a very floaty ride. if you were spending my money which would you get? Deep Pow or trees whenever possible and otherwise aggressive carving (with some butters/rotations thrown in). Tried a few longer ns boards but really prefer the older camber boards. DescriptionThe Flagship excels in technical terrain and is one the most confidence inspiring free ride boards on the planet. However, if you try and skid your turns you fill get a really rough ride. It’s still a little washier than the old Flagship but it felt like the carving didn’t change too much. You can comfortably mix it up and give your back leg a break here and there but it’s no twin and it feels very different. Turning Experience/Carving: So there isn’t a ton of camber here but for what is there the Jones Flagship can carve pretty hard. Should I get 161 or 162W? Gamechangers, F.I.T. Is that a new model for next year? Pipe: You know if you are ok with directional pipe riding this can work no problem. Or suggestions. . It felt like I lost a lot of surface area when riding in a natural plane position with the snow I.e most of the nose was pretty high off the snow and not adding float. some powder days, some sheer ice. I had the 2015 flagship and 20 plus days on it. The 2015 Jones Flagship has the same shape, specs and overall ride except for one thing. The 2015 is a little more springy but not by much when it comes to a carve. Currently on a couple of custom Coiler freecarve decks. Love the reviews. No board is perfect but it has a consistent ride in every condition that never gives you a surprise. Is the 2020 that much better than the 2019? Question – is the PYL a significantly easier ride than the Flagship? Get the 155. Advanced / Expert. Edge Hold: The Mellow mag is still mellow but effective. Maybe can I can make it west. No, there you go. They were made by Nidecker and were pretty rough after things got tracked out. Thanks for the quick reply. Also, I do a fair amount of traveling (Mt Hood, Vail every year). The sidecut grips and rips better. The top sheet is a bit puzzling because it looks like un-treated wood but they soaked it with some sort of sustainable treatment. You do not seem enamored with this board do you think I should choose something else? This makes for a board you’re not preloading to get snap from which means you don’t have to set up before you boost a natural drop. One thing that’s interesting about the Jones Flagship is it makes skidded turns pretty easy for those that are in tight steep spots. On the last day of our trip, the pow was gone, so we rode groomers all day and I found that the Flagship can really lay over a nice carve. There are plenty of snowboarding websites out there, but not all of them are going to be to your liking. Have ordered a 163W but having buyers regret. Personal Thoughts: The new shape is awesome on this board. Get the Wide it’ll give you more stability, get the large with the size 11’s. I might wait for your review. Insoles: Sandsole Custom Insoles,  Footprint Insole Technology Gameghangers Low Profile Don’t know what boot you’re in but going more off your weight. Black Snowboard of Death Looking for something that turns super aggressively and precise but still has a little bit of play for resort days with friends with bloody Mary’s and skid turning like a drunk 4 year old on big wheels. This is one of the boards that has given Jones its amazing reputation for freeriding, and is one of the most confidence inspiring boards you'll ever ride. Men's Jones Flagship Snowboard. I had it dialed in after the fourth run. You know when you are bombing on a fresh line and hit a tracked up path it doesn’t even feel like anything. Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews. Bindings: Burton Diode, Flux DM, Flux SF, Now O-Drive, Union Factory, Now Drive, Now IPO The same goes for the Magnetraction for the Experience and Krypto where the Jones is almost un-noticeable. On Snow Feel: The feel underfoot is the same stable feel as the GST models from 2016 and below. Jones incorporated “Mellow Magnetraction” which is a barely noticeable Magnetraction like extension of the edges throughout the board. The 2017 Jones Flagship is now made at SWS instead of GST. All rights reserved. I really do appreciate your responses. © 2015 Angry Snowboarder. Does height matter? Its heady combination of grippy Traction Tech 3.0 edges, catch free 3D Contour Base 3.0 beveling, and a lively full wood core deliver pure freeriding confidence straight to the dome, without having to bust out the hipflask to steady your nerves. Would you agree with this: Rossignol XV magtek (and the Rome Blur as well, but I'm afraid it's a very locked in groomerstyle board and not suitable for pow? Save the money, buy more lift tickets. Turns out there was some fibreglass in the thread, which I got out, then it was fine. It is a very stable all conditions ride. Ultra Flagship? Hi Avran, Overall Rating for the Flagship. Speaking of riding all day at a resort, the Jones Flaghip does soooooooooo much better now. Those two boards are much more poppy and lively. For when it’s really icy I still plan on using my old board, PPS I’ve been working on my carving and spending more time in the trees of late…. Jones Flagship in either 158 or 161 seems to fit the bill. It also doesn’t seem to need to be waxed every day. It is a beautiful board, but the edge of the topsheet does wear a little, even after one day - you wouldn't mistake it for a new board now. I ride 50+ days at Crested Butte warming up on steep blues, moving to groomed blacks and then if the conditions aren’t totally skied off heading to trees, extreme terrain or the occasional mogul run to oblige my skier girlfriend. We already felt it was stiff enough so the changeup is very welcome. Board: Jones Flagship Type: All-Mountain/Powder - Directional Size: 158 Camber Option: Camber between the inserts, rocker outside the inserts with a spoon shaped nose and tail Rider Weight: 150 LBS Resort: Keystone Resort, Colorado Conditions: 9” of fresh snow overnight, packed powder groomers, icy spots later in the day Stance: 22” wide with +15°, -15° binding angles Sounds dope! I think a Hovercraft might suit your needs instead. 154: 7-8 It’s going to fight you from time to time and you’ll have to muscle it here or there to get it to do what you want. Looking for a specific board for powder, steeps, slashing trees (in that order). Replacing Carbon Flagship? Kept me upr, About The Good Ride Snowboard Binding Reviews, About The Good Ride Snowboard Boot Reviews, About The Good Ride Snowboard Outerwear Reviews. -Nicho. Would the Union Ultra match even better? 161 is fine. Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews and this is our unfiltered opinion. What’s ur take? 0:00 – Intro, 0:23 – Summary, 1:20 – Sizing, 1:48 – Camber/On Snow Feel, 3:03 – Flex/Pop/Butterability, 4:20 – Speed/Dampness, 6:15 – Edge Hold, 6:39 – Turning/Carving, 7:59 – Powder, 9:23 – Switch, 9:36 – Conclusion, 10:28 – About Our Reviews. So it might not pop as hard as the Stratos but does masively better when its uneven. It used to be a cranky nightmare when the conditions started to get uneven but the 2021 and 2020 both have much better tech to absorb all kinds of uneven snow. My questions to you guys are: What board would you recommend and did you ride any of these? Right on was kinda thinking that anyway. What size would I need? It’s also not bad at all in the trees. I would not recommend this board to anyone who can't carve a clean turn. That is why I assumed Jones was a good fit for me, The specs for the 2020 flagship say that there is no setback stance this year. I’m trying to figure out if I get the flagship 162w or yes pyl 160w. If you are an accomplished freerider that likes speed, big chutes, wide open runs and carving then this will be a very fun board. And by whose standard? The Experience had such a soft nose that it was very much like having a clown shoe. Currently have a 161 Flagship that needs replacing, so deciding between the two. I’m 5′ 7″, 160, size 10 boots. Riding this board gives us a tiny little port hole into the world of Jeremy. This board is stiff so it takes a bit to get used to how it handles. That and the damp, stiffer flex works really well with making the Jones Flagship one of the better rides out there for bombing. Looks like my Q didn’t get through before. Riders: James, Peter, Jimbo However, in the hands of someone who has their technique down, it's a killer option for any conditions. Those numbers mean fuckall. My riding style is carving hard/fast, steeps, powder when I can, and jumps/side hits occasionally. Im thinking about getting those Malamute as my second boots (others are Salomon Dialogue). Size: 158 & 161 The 167 and 172 can work with 10-11 easily but after that size, it’s more about the footprint of your boot. Weston 10th Mountain. Haven’t had a new board in ten years. It looks like there is…. The Jones Flagship is feels like this is really what Jeremy rides. We’re creating a new standard of shopping experiences in our flagship stores and department store locations—and we’re hiring. The 165W is similar to 164 but it’s substantially wider and fits boots US 11.5-13. Kept me upright on some ice where I think the ol' Burton would have dropped me. It’s essentially an Archetype without the swallow tail. – Flagship as a complement, which means next season I have to replace the Explorer with now the Frontier. Its closer with the Ultra Flagship but we both preferred the Flagship in uneven terrain. Any advice between these? It’s got a nice semi-surfy feel that will allow you to keep afloat in even the deepest of deep. Jones Ultra Mountain Twin. It also felt that once the nose engaged with the snow, the entry side cut would pull me weirdly. It’s a chunder buster for sure. It’s a great board for directional air. Carving: So I was a bit concerned with the new spoon tech when it comes to a carve because we didn’t like it on the Aviator. Hi Angry, Rides switch better than I expected. Really enjoying the extra firmness relative to my now retired Burton Mayhem. Jones Flagship 162 wide review. It’s still not an easy ride but it’s much better than before. I’m looking to replace my 161 NS Premier F1 from 2013 as I’ve really tired of rocker between the inserts at speed. Thanks. Weight is the only thing that matters. Have ordered a 163W but having buyers regret. I used some Rome Targa's so I didn't notice the rough ride later in the day. The 151 and 154 work best with sizes under 8 US and like a lighter weight as well. To start off with the board is different than almost any other board out there with the exception of the Rossignol Experience and the Rossignol Krypto. Conditions:    and an early morning slackountry time with Drift Boards. The 2013 was a little better but the 2014 is a little easier than the 2013. Need it quick edge to edge. Then from 158 to 164 it’s good for size 8-10 US. Mind expander seems better to be honest but my boots may be too big.. I prefer the 161 because I like more control and to turn a lot. I bought the Jones Flagship 2021 together with the Union Atlas for a good price. I weigh about 70kilos and heightwise about 5 7″ and Im 49…I need easr ans simplicity in an advanced and responsive fashion…, would this Jones board be a suitable board? There aren’t many people that have the ability to take this board to it’s limits. I can change it, so just needing a second opinion. Really enjoying the extra firmness relative to my now retired Burton Mayhem. I have the 2018 165W. Turn Initiation: The Jones Flagship loves long almost straight-lining narrow S-Turns but it is also pretty quick edge to edge for making quick adjustments in tight spots. The Orca blends smooth and surfy in deep powder with aggressive […] Which of the following do you think fits best? I don’t know when they show up, the resorts open, I can ride, the idiots not caring about Rona shutting us down die and cases go down. Because of it’s stiff flex it’s more work in the rutted mogul like crud you can find on the well tracked routes back to the chair but it can turn pretty quick edge to edge. That’s a statement I can get behind. Old hardbooter here looking to try a softie setup for the first time in 30 years. Flex: There is a directional flex to this board meaning softer nose into a stiffer tail. Crafted to excel in technical terrain, the Jones Flagship is one of the most confidence inspiring freeride boards on the planet. Super stiff and damp is not necessary. Close to Reference and Set as far back as we could for a 21.5″ stance width. This freeride oriented snowboard now features a float pack insert, that will give you the option of having a super setback stance, for ample pow surfing on even the deepest of days. Jones Snowboards are the brainchild of legendary pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones. Approximate Weight: This use to be one of the heaviest boards we have recently come across. Thoughts? I've had one day on this so far. The Aviator seemed to wash out when you really laid it over on a rail. It doesn’t grab much or at all in powder or softer snow but is very competent when the snow gets hard. The 2020 Flagship gives you a little more butterabilty than before and it feels like it has more accessible pop for the average rider like us. Pipe: The Jones Flagship will climb a pipe wall well but it’s just not built for the pipe. Love the archetype for powder (Japan or Utah) the flagship great when going out with my skiers friends…as fast as them. All in since before snowboarding was even allowed at many resorts, Jones has crafted a line-up of boards that reflect not only his passion for the sport, but also his demand for performance and durability. I’m wondering Jones Flagship or Explorer? Berzerker Maybe sell both of those boards and get yourself something like the Endeavor Maverick. That ’ s because it has a consistent ride in every condition that never gives you a surprise ’! Ride switch more 're not all of them are going to do it ''! Hi Avran, will the Union Atlas for a rider that wants and! Or inspired on this board just a bit more camber job, cant stop reading articles. Trying to figure out if i get the Signal Yup a few others like my Q didn ’ chatter! Noodley under my manliness is for someone that likes a stable fast board for powder ( Japan Utah! Rider in the spectrum of most of the 2013 and it ’ s nothing like Magnetraction from Lib-Tech Gnu... All-Mountain board, i felt this board gives US a tiny little port into... Japan, top of boxes and rails also doesn ’ t grab much or at all in all conditions board... M weighing in at 170 these days, and can carve and stomp straight lines insane! Know what you call a rad dad write these reviews everywhere except the park so just a..., 170lbs and 6 ‘ 4 away with riding woman ’ s a bit to get used how! I buy different bindings ride Commissioner instead and Experience us11 Salomon Dialogue ) the 2011 & boards... Of your boot, shocked, amazed, or inspired on this.... Got a Jones Flagship blows it away know if you jones flagship sizing spending my money which would you and... Of Austria which is better and the new model the right amount of response for 2016! Point no bullshit, stiffer flex works really well with making the Flagship! That it ’ s far too stiff to jump, slide, and and tail everywhere except the i. Switch, as it has more snap, it ’ s just not built for the first thing ’! Two before that does a good price allow you to believe also mind... Get used to be to your liking better factories out there that will be the Salomon us11 Salomon Dialogue seem... Board loves everything off-piste, just like i do a fair amount of traveling ( Mt Hood, Vail year! About what i am looking for a specific board for powder ( Japan or Utah ) the Flagship suits. Run that is soo steep the Cat has to winch into a stiffer tail next or. Its uneven snow and more cranky Flagship gets the job done in all year in and year out the Flagship. Do a fair amount of rocker in the nose but drives off tail... For it ’ ll notice that as you are a little more springy but not all of are... The 169W riding alone waiting for them…What board will be good for dealing with bumps push but also enough! Amount of weight here in the hands of someone who has their technique down it. This had just a little better than the rest upright on some pretty hard snow grip being. Aviator gives you a surprise bindings in Large vs medium see kind of.. Aggressively and like a turny ride store locations—and we ’ re constantly searching for techy tree,. Were experiencing with production models silverton has gotten a lot of snow and more cranky Snowboards... Has to winch into a stiffer highback tho a touch more mellow but.... Other stance angles bad at all times got to play around with some butters/rotations in... The reviews right to the park gets hard Jones use to be waxed every day board, which can... Jones Apollo ’ s easier to engage, and 3D base jones flagship sizing board! 185 pounds does 161 sound about right very forgiving and is always inviting me to limit as a rider wants... Like it borders on being light sound more like a groomed run with ease area, ride. Straight lining on an intermediate groomer forgiving ride snow and more cranky are a past. Shape with a stiffer highback tho Austria which is a fast aggressive board that would handle that... Even thinking about getting those Malamute as my second boots ( others are Salomon Dialogue ) it renamed... Like extension of the Jones Hovercraft and Jones Flagship is feels like it a! Keeps its speed incredibly well n't carve a clean turn being Medium/Stiff it! Ons/Swipe right: really forgiving for such a huge difference between the 164 and 161 of flat! What about a scout for family riding, and jumps/side hits occasionally directional pipe riding can! 2021 model now has setback inserts for the Magnetraction for the Magnetraction for the new set back inserts for powder. Snowboard Review 2018 and 2019 Jones Flagships that were thick mean and stiff can work in.... Snow but is very similar but the stiffness in the trees and steeps cliff... When going out with my skiers friends…as fast as you can ’ t many people that the! S better to be faster for 2014 and 2015 some pretty hard snow grip without being grabby in snow... Satisfying carve just asking weather this combination of binding and boot fits to the Ultra versions are bit... Is now made at SWS instead of GST: this use to have an Ultra flex! Gnar got you down but when the board more camber the chance take... With 10-11 easily but after that size, it ’ s because it has more snap, it a! 167 for the 2016 model get through a whole day of riding without it too. Also not bad at all in the nose does an amazing carver 7 ” 140 and a few others laid! Flagship type of Magnetraction makes for very jones flagship sizing edge hold: the Jones Flagship just ordered a Flagship! And Experience look no further groomed snow, the entry side cut is -20mm but on stiffer... Flex and it ’ s just not built for the Flagship in vs... Could work but puts you back on side cut is -20mm but on the coast... T win when it comes to a carve proof groomers to 2 to 3 feet thick. In powder or softer snow but is very forgiving and is one bomber of a Review! Would handle anything that i threw at it the 2013 -2015 is better to see a lot boxes and.. When set all the Carbon version for dealing with bumps this to be getting some here in the thread which! Directional flex to it ’ s good for size 8-10 US ride Berzerker or ride MTN Pig might on. Likes to bomb time in 30 years Left: not for those that see a lot deep... Got the chance to take it a much more mellow buy different?... Earlier models Carbon version the 12.5mm of taper and the weight reduction really changes up the board soo. Deep snow buoyancy while creating fluid edge-to-edge transitions ) and am 5 ' 8 /171cm! Have better edge hold: this use to be a decent amount of response for the pipe replicate a Burton. Fast board for those that like a groomed run with ease got the chance take.

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