BlockDown 2020 is finally here! 22-23 Oct

Blockdown 2020 is officially here, starting today 22nd of October at 11am CET the two day event will feature some of the latest trending topics in the sector of Blockchain. This digital spectacular promises to be the leading remote blockchain event of the year. Join us and take part in the new global digital revolution….

Beyond DeFi – Top Altcoin Niches That Might Become Mainstream

DeFi or decentralized finance has successfully stolen all the attention in the crypto space. Within a short period of time, everybody started getting busy with what they call “yield farming,” where you can stake/lock your crypto assets and get rewarded with DeFi tokens. These DeFi tokens then can be sold to stake or lock more…

Why Cryptocurrencies are the future?

For quite some time, cryptocurrencies have been accused of being a Ponzi scheme. Outside the crypto space, many conservative politicians have been comparing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to MLMs or illegal Ponzi monopoly money. Even inside the crypto space, crypto figures always criticize each other, and this kind of tribalism mindset has been very bad…

Will DEFI Suffer The Same Fate Like 2017’s ICO?

DeFi or decentralized finance has been doing extremely well this year. After Compound Protocol (COMP) opened the pandora box for everybody to see, everybody started seeing DeFi protocols (with their own governance tokens) as the next gold rush. They started to think that they can make the same ones like ICO’s 2017 and make a…

What is Cosmos Network?

Cosmos Network is one of the leading blockchain ecosystems to solve interoperability issues. As we all know, blockchain interoperability has become a big problem in the crypto space. When everybody launched his own blockchain platform, obviously, there would be a need to connect them all together in one giant ecosystem. Cosmos Network is exactly that….

Should You Buy ETH Or ADA?

Ethereum is the ultimate and most mainstream solution to build smart contracts or DApps (decentralized applications). Since Ethereum went live in 2015, it has been the de-facto platform for anything related to smart contracts. Vitalik Buterin suddenly became very popular and worshipped in the crypto space. The ICO space in 2017, CryptoKitties in 2017, and…

The Importance of Bitcoin In The Time of Economic Uncertainty

2020. What a year it has been. Nobody saw it coming. Let’s be honest. None of us would have thought the world would be this devastatingly affected by the COVID-19. I have friends who were playing down COVID-19 impact on the world’s economy and health crisis when they found out the virus was destroying Wuhan….