digital assets

Russians liquidating Digital Assets in UAE in the Hunt for Safe Havens

Due to the invasion of Ukraine, Russians are being sanctioned globally. Therefore, Russians are investing in Dubai’s real estate industry to liquidate their assets. Thus, exchanges are all set to stop such activities.   According to the company executive and financial sources, digital currency exchanges in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are requested to liquidate…

Digital Currency Trading Platform

5 Crucial Aspects you Need to Know Before Picking Digital Currency Trading Platform and Exchange

Cryptocurrencies are considered a decentralized as well as the privatized form of currency that is not regulated or launched by the government agencies of financial watchdogs, but however, with the significant growth in interest and market capacity regulatory bodies’ attention is diverted to this sector, with the aim of securing customers assets. The first crypto…

Crypto Online Exchange

Crypto Online Exchange Enabling Consumers to Buy Popular Coins

Online digital platforms facilitate the trading and exchanging of crypto assets including trade with fiats and various payment methods. Moreover, online platforms allow Exchange Crypto Online that are of utmost importance pertaining to an emergency situation or high-profit investment. Likewise, coinlager is a suitable platform for all such processes as it is providing consumers with…