Blockdown 2020, Akon City, Akoin, DeFi & Much More

Blockdown 2020, Akon City, Akoin, DeFi & Much More

Blockdown 2020 3.0 is now over and we wish to thank the organisers for a wonderful event with good talks and great participants.

The 2 day event covered a lot of different topics related to the rising sector of Blockchain and gave valuable insights from a lot of sector professionals.

#Akoncity, one of the coolest upcoming cities is on track. The real estate project carried by the Senegalese-American RnB singer #Akon was recently launched near Mbodième, a small coastal village in western Senegal. Akon city was inspired by Wakanda, the name of a fictional African kingdom in which the scenario of the superhero movie Black Panther by Marvel studios. If you want to have a look at how Akon City will look like you can check this video out:

In addition to the Akon CIity the Akon crew also announced the launch of their offiicial digital currency #Akoin.

A lot more topics were covered during the event, #DeFi, #SocialImpact, #Security just to mention a few of them. However, instead of us spoiling the fun we suggest you to watch the re-cap coming up over at the official #BlockDownNotLockDown website here:

Being an official sponsor of the event we are glad about the topics covered by the organisers and about the professional presentations by the hosts. For all future events you can rest assured that you will be seeing the #Coinlager representation again.